What’s Making the 5 Touch Screen News in 6 August 2022?

touch screen news in august 2022

Tesla’s recalled touch screens are not the only thing that’s making the news in 2022. In fact, researchers are predicting that the first generation of advanced touchscreens will mimic natural materials, like skin. By 2022, the first versions of these touchscreens may even end up in digital devices. In the meantime, these technologies are still in development. Read on for more details about what’s coming in 2022.

iPhone 14 to feature dual cutout for camera/FaceID

The next iPhone is expected to have a punch-hole-shaped dual cutout for the camera/Face ID. The cutout will be the same width as the notch and save pixels above. Apple plans to replace the notch with under-display Face ID, but it is unlikely to be ready for the 2023 iPhone launch. So, how close are we to seeing the first dual-cutout iPhone?

The company’s new smartphone could also mean the end of an era for older models. In fact, the iPhone 13 mini is expected to be dropped from Apple’s lineup by the time the iPhone 14 launches. Moreover, an iPhone 14 will likely have a larger camera module than the iPhone 13 Pro. The case leak suggests that the iPhone 14 will have four models. In addition, the upcoming iPhone could have a 48MP camera sensor. In August 2022, the iPhone 14 Pro could support 8K video recording.

Tesla recalled touch screens in 2022

The faulty computer chip that powers the Tesla touch screen overheated and caused lag or shut down. The carmaker initially refused to recall its cars, but after receiving 59 warranty claims related to this issue, it recalled touch screens in August 2022. It has since issued updates to its software to help control the temperature. In the meantime, it will continue to monitor the issue. But what should drivers do in the meantime?

The issue, which affects almost 135,000 vehicles in the U.S., was uncovered in November by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The NHTSA found a problem with touch screens in over 12,000 vehicles, and said that the failure rate is significantly higher than that of previous recalls. While most automakers agree to recall touch screens, the problem is particularly serious with Tesla’s top-of-the-line models. The government agency said the touch screen’s computer processors have limited programme-and-erase cycles and could result in a false forward-collision warning or an unexpected activation of the emergency brakes.

Apple granted patent to explore under-display Touch ID

While Apple has reportedly been testing an under-display Touch ID, the device won’t be coming out this year. Apple has yet to release a new iPhone, but it’s possible the technology will be included in a future model. The patent discusses how to join the imaging sensor with the display to create the next iteration of Touch ID. The recent reports from JPMorgan Chase and other sources claim that the iPhone 14 Pro models may feature a titanium alloy chassis. While the analysts have not revealed which specific parts will be made from titanium alloy, it’s possible that the handsets will have a metallic band around the edge. Of course, the front and back will still be made of glass.

Apple’s patent describes a technology that uses pulsed or steady light to read blood oxygen levels and pulses. Ultimately, this may lead to a more accurate and faster fingerprint scanning. The patent also indicates that Apple is looking into integrating this technology into its iPhones, although this doesn’t mean the technology will actually appear on a future product. But if it does, it is a positive sign that Apple will implement this technology.

iPhone 14 to feature 6.1-inch display

Rumours are circulating that Apple will release the iPhone 14, which will feature a 6.1-inch display, in August 2022. The launch date will probably remain the same as last year, but the iPhone 14 has suffered supply chain issues. A display panel issue is unlikely to affect the launch window, and a rear lens problem may not affect its availability. Despite the delays, Apple has shifted ten million iPhone 14 orders from the original supplier Genius to a new manufacturer called Largan. The iPhone 14 will likely be produced in China and India.

Apple will continue to support 120Hz ProMotion display technology in two models of the iPhone 14, but this will probably be limited to higher-end models. According to display analyst Ross Young, Apple is sourcing LTPO OLED displays for the iPhone 14 Pro models. While Samsung supplied the OLED panels for the iPhone 13 Pro models, the company plans to source screens from LG Display and BOE for the next generation of iPhones.

iPhone 14 Pro models to gain a CPU boost

According to reports, Apple will offer the upcoming “iPhone 14” in two models. The pro model will come with a 48MP camera and a display cutout. As for the standard model, Apple is likely to use a new A15 chip. Both chips will offer a 15% performance boost. Unlike Apple’s usual strategy, the new chip could also help the iPhone 14 Pro last longer.

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The A15 Bionic chip is expected to continue in the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 models. Nevertheless, it’s possible that the A15 chip will stay in the standard iPhones until 2022. Apple hasn’t confirmed the rumor, but other sources support it. The A16 chip will likely be built on the same process as the A15, which limits improvements.