Does Scratched Glass Work Through Glass?

A lot of people have asked this question over again with Faytech North America, Digital Sanitizer Kiosk Expert : Does touchscreen work through glass? Whether it is a touch screen smart phone or a laptop, the usual response is that a touchscreen can only work through glass or some other impenetrable material. On the contrary, touchscreen works through almost anything. If you want to learn how to use a touchscreen smart phone or a touchscreen laptop properly, read on.

Does touchscreen work through glass

Have you ever wonder why there are scratches on glass material so commonly found on digital devices? It is because scratches occur when liquid hits the surface. Liquid spill happens because there is some type of liquid present on the pc materials. Water is not the only liquid that makes this happen. Heat too is a liquid spill and glass material also get damaged by too much heat.

On the other hand, a strong arm could also cause glass damage. For instance, strong heat from the display of your smartphone could melt the display or touch sensitive buttons on your phone. This is also why you often see cracked or chipped glass on mobiles. Touchscreens like this are generally manufactured from a tough material called non-porous silicon (NPS). The reason why it is tough is because it is not susceptible to heat, water or pressure.

What about those touchscreen calculators that are really small? They might not be able to run on the LCD screen properly or they might just not work at all. It might be because the touchscreen is just too small. In that case, the only way to use the touchscreen of such a calculator would be by using an analog controller instead. Many touchscreen calculators also have virtual keypads because they are designed to be used from a distance.

What about when your smartphone or tablet goes through water spills? Does the glass surface get scratched or damaged? Water molecules are very tiny and they can pass through most glass materials. The same thing happens when you touch the glass of this kiosk home button. You might think that the damage has been caused by the device itself but in reality, it has just come from the surface of the glass.

Scratches on the surface of the device might be caused by the device being dropped on a hard surface. If the device is being held too tight, it might be that the screen is also pressed too tightly into the glass surface. Even static electricity can cause damage to the screen. So in conclusion, a lot of physical factors can affect whether your smartphone or tablet functions through glass or not.